Saturday, November 22, 2008


4 -5 potatoes
1 c. peas
1 T. coriander seeds
1 T. cumin
1 t. red chili flakes
2 t. or more lemon juice
2 T. fresh cilantro, minced
Spring roll pastry.

Cook and mash potatoes. Toast coriander seeds. Add all the spices, lemon juice and peas to the potatoes. Place 1 -2 tablespoons filling in a 2 by 6 inch strip of pastry.

Fold into a triangle, brushing the closure with melted margarine to seal.Pan or deep fry. These can be frozen and cooked from frozen. Serve hot or room temperature with chutney.
I lay them out on a cookie sheet to freeze them. Once they are frozen transfer them to a ziploc.

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Cassandra said...

Thanks for the illustrations! They made a big difference for me :o)